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A Virtual Center that Transcends Boundaries

The Global Horticulture Initiative is not a physical institution. It is a virtual international center of excellence dedicated to research for development in horticulture and based on the idea that horticultural themes must be addressed in an integrated and harmonized way rather than in a disciplinary, competitive environment. 

Information and communication technologies will substitute for much of the physical infrastructure of a more traditional institutional model. It is a real and output-orientated platform that links cutting edge science in horticulture with the clear vision of making a change in the livelihoods of millions of poor in the developing world. The initiative brings together scientists and researchers with development experts, farmers as well as policy makers. And it unites the public and the private sectors.

The Global Horticulture Initiative operates as a major information hub for gathering and organizing information that will solve problems constraining horticulture systems, and will make this information available in a user-friendly manner. Through free and easily applicable data and e-learning, researchers as well as horticultural farmers have access to state-of-the-art information and technologies with regard to horticulture for development.

Efficient networking across geographic borders as well as capacity building are key components of the initiative, ensuring that solutions are developed in partnership and that they will be sustainable. Such cooperation between protagonists of different backgrounds and expertise is essential to establish a global community that applies the most efficient  instruments and strategies to improve the livelihoods of the rural and urban poor.

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