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The Global Horticulture Initiative trusts in a world where horticulture is prized by the poor for its valued contribution to present and future generations.


The final beneficiaries of the research championed by Global Horticulture Initiative are resource-poor households in developing countries working within the agricultural sector and food processing industries in rural, peri-urban and urban areas. Special efforts will be made to empower women, the principal workers in most horticultural crop production, and related industries. Resource-poor households outside the commodity chains will also gain improved access to affordable and nutritious vegetables and fruits.


The Global Horticulture Initiative acts as a global facility for coordinated horticultural research that provides solutions towards increasing health, productivity and safety in sustainable environments, to uplift the quality of life of the poorest populations in the world.

It will contribute to improve interest, support and resources to the horticultural sector, public and private, from donors, research and development agencies, and decision makers.

Path > Home > About GlobalHort > Mission/Vision