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Horticultural Hubs

CoP Horti


The main objective of the Horticulture Community of Practice (CoP Horti) is to link professionals in West Africa horticulture supply chains, based on a collaborative web platform allowing users to keep up to date on and exchange and coordinate activities targeting the strengthening of horticulture products value chains.

ICT-KM Website

The ICT-KM Program of the CGIAR promotes and supports the use of information and communications technology (ICT) and knowledge management (KM) to improve the effectiveness of the CGIAR System's work on behalf of the poor in developing countries. Enter Website.

Connecting and informing the diverse and dispersed community of H4sD professionals

A key component of the Global Horticulture Initiative is to establish interactive hubs for gathering and organizing information that will help research and development organizations and farmers to seize new opportunities and solve problems constraining horticulture systems. Since many local partners and stakeholders in the poorest developing countries do not have internet access today, media for information delivery will be diverse and appropriate for local contexts.

This activity includes:

  • Set-up, maintenance and animation of a virtual portal of horticultural research for development
  • Establishment of partnerships and agreements with data base owners and information providers (FAO, WHO, ISHS, CABI …) for free access to scientific and technical information for South partners
  • Stimulating networks and encouraging new ones
  • Maintaining networking links during gaps between funded projects (bridge funding)
  • Regional Coordination

An expert in the technologies of Information and Communication with experience in setting-up and managing electronic portals has joined the Executive Secretary, to establish strong links with CTA, FAO, ISHS ASHS, e-managers etc.

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