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GlobalHort's School Garden Initiative

Photo by Nico Parkinson (USAID Food and Enterprise Development Program for Liberia (FED)) licensed by CC BY 2.0



School gardens are gaining prominence due to the promotion of balanced diets, nutrition education, capacity building and the development of livelihood skills. Many people today lack important knowledge about the nutritious value, production and utilization of fruits and vegetables. School gardens are an excellent basis for learning practical, theoretical and communication skills that will improve children’s (and after all parents’) diets and knowledge and fit them for horticultural production and entrepreneurship.



To advocate for school gardens worldwide and to leverage the potential of school garden projects, we want to offer a platform for networking and exchange of information and reach out to a wide audience including potential donors, non-profits and government agencies.


We offer:


 • Database of school garden projects worldwide

 • Featured websites for exchange of knowledge 

 • Share your information (fun-stuff)  

 • School garden specific news and events 


Please be invited to share your project information with us, spread the news about our initiative and let us know if we can help you with any question or reaching out with your message.


Contact us:

Anna Spiller

c/o Center for Development Research

Walter-Flex-Str. 3

53113 Bonn



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